Enjoyhigh-tech interactive fun for all ages.

Laser Skirmish

is the perfect form of family entertainment for a variety of special events including fetes, picnics and promotions.

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Reachyour goals!

Laser Skirmish

comes to you. Portable playing fields can be set up at your location on ovals, fields, parks and bushland.

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Playhard and play safe!

Laser Skirmish

is realistic, fun, and most of all - safe to use, featuring a harmless infrared beam, plus fantastic light and sound effects.

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Mobile Laser Skirmish

Get Ready For Some Real Action!

Laser Skirmish is an exciting recreational sport where players attempt to score points by tagging their opponents using hand-held, hi-tech Laser Guns or Phasers. This live-action play has been inspired by popular video games such as "HALO", "Quake", "Counterstrike" and "Call of Duty".

Each Phaser emits a harmless and invisible infrared beam, similar to the remote control of a Television or Garage Door. Laser Skirmish can be played individually, or in a Team format, and at fixed locations, or at a site of your choice via a Mobile Laser Skirmish Operator.

This website is a directory of Laser Skirmish operators in Australia. If your organisation is planning a Special Event in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, or Tasmania, please click on the associate link for your state, which will direct you to a reputable operator who services your area.

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DISCLAIMER: The administrators of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of Laser Skirmish operators, insurance of Laser Skirmish operators and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever Laser Skirmish operators they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can play Mobile Laser Skirmish or Laser Tag?

A: Laser Skirmish caters for the entire family, who can all enjoy the fun and excitement. Depending on the style and weight of the Laser Gun in use, most operators set a minimum age of around seven years. Often, Children under seven years of age can play when accompanied by an adult.

Q: What type of events is Laser Skirmish best suited to?

A: Any event where people enjoy being active, competitive, and having fun! This includes:

  • * Birthday Parties
  • * School Fetes
  • * Community Festivals
  • * Family Fun Days
  • * Social Clubs
  • * Youth Groups
  • * Corporate Promotions
  • * Team Building Programs
  • * School Sports Events
  • * Vacation Care Entertainment

Q: How long does it take to set up a Mobile Laser Skirmish field?

Most Laser Skirmish operators will supply inflatable walls, bunkers and obstacles as part of their package. Set up should take no more than two hours, depending on the size of the field, and number of obstacles in operation.

Q: What is supplied with a normal Laser Skirmish or Laser Tag hire?

Generally, each Laser Skirmish hire consists of a certain number of Laser/Phasers, portable barricades & bunkers, plus fully trained staff to ensure the game is played correctly and safely.

Realistic inflatable bunkers and barricades are perfect for converting a vacant area or shed into an action packed battleground! Examples include inflayable radioactive barrels, timber crates, and car sized tanks.

Q: How much space is required to operate Mobile Laser Skirmish?

During the course of each game, players take cover behind a set of obstacles, which are set up within the Skirmish area. Laser Guns typically have a range of 50-150 metres, so the greater the distance between the players, the better the experience. Laser Skirmish can be played indoors, in large Halls or Stadiums. An area the size of a Tennis Court is generally accepted as the minimum required for an Outdoor Laser Game. The best location is an oval or park, though permission may be required for use.

For the average Laser Skirmish Game where 15 players are participating, a minimum area of around 20m by 20m is required

Q: Are there any locations not suited to Laser Skirmish?

Player safety is top priority for every Laser Skirmish game. Operating Laser Skirmish in dense bushland is not recommended due to the risk of accident or injury through trip hazards, protruding obstacles etc. Playing on hard surfaces such as concrete or bitumen is not recommended as this increases the risk of abrasions.

Q: Is Laser Skirmish safe?

Laser Skirmish is a non-contact activity and is as safe as playing soccer, or any other low impact sport. There are no Lasers in actual use. Each Laser Gun emits an invisible and harmless Infrared beam of light similar to the technology used in many toys and household appliances.

Q: How do Laser Guns operate?

Laser Phasers emit an infrared beam, which activates sensors located on the opponent's Phaser or Head Band when "hit". Phasers feature state of the art gaming technology to fully immerse the player in the game. With an effective range of over 100m, each Phaser relays real-time instant hit feedback meaning you will always know what is happening on the field. The red dot scopes improve accuracy, while the awesome light and sound effects add to the WOW factor. Dual grips make it easy for even the youngest players to be included in the fun. Lightweight, extremely tough, and water resistant makes Laser Phasers suitable for all conditions

Q: Can Laser Skirmish operate in the dark?

Yes, night or day - inside or outside. Some players prefer evening events due to the improved cover of darkness along with the spectacle of the special effects lighting.

Q: Do you need to have any experience to play Laser Skirmish?

No experience is necessary! All players are fully instructed before the game begins. Laser Guns are user-friendly, and it doesn't take long before new participants are in the thick of the action. Laser Skirmish supervisors will always be on-hand to assist when necessary.

Q: Can we play Laser Skirmish as a team?

Yes, Laser Skirmish can be played as either an individual game or on a team basis.

Q: Can I hire the Laser Skirmish equipment and operate myself?

Yes, if the game is played on private property and is not open to the public. The hirer will be responsible to ensure the players participate in a safe environment. If the Laser Skirmish game is open to the public, and being played at a community event such as a school fete, fair or festival, the event organiser must be fully covered by their own Public Liability Insurance. The Public Liability Insurance Policy MUST specifically include "The Operation of Laser Skirmish" on the policy.

All reputable Laser Skirmish equipment suppliers will require the hirer to sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for accident or injury during the hire. If you hire Laser Skirmish equipment on a "operate-it-yourself" basis, you are accepting full responsibility. The Laser Skirmish equipment owner's insurance policy will not cover you, nor will your Club, School or Company Insurance unless clearly specified in your policy.

Q: How many players can participate in each game of Mobile Laser Skirmish

A minimum of two players are required to for a game of Laser Skirmish. Up to 20 players can participate in field measuring 25m by 25m. The more players participating - the greater the number of obstacles needed to ensure the activity remains challenging.